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Treadmill Tuesday: 5 Mile Progression Run

While putzing around in the gym this weekend, I had the great idea to start a recurring series on different treadmill workouts.  I will call it Treadmill Tuesday because I love alliteration.

I would really love to say that no matter what the temperature is outside, you can find me running around to my heart’s content, but that would be a huge lie.  I do not like the cold and if the option is between snow on the ground or a warm treadmill and a television, I’m all over that treadmill.

Every since I discovered the joy of running with another person, the treadmill has not held the same luster for me as it once did.  I was also spoiled by the cardio cinema that my previous gym had, so the days of running 10 miles and watching a movie in the dark are no longer.  That being said, I do love running, so I am trying to find a way to make it more enjoyable on the treadmill by creating different workouts.

Sunday I did a progression run, which in short is ending a run faster than you start it. According to Runner’s World, a progression run 

starts at a comfortable speed, gradually gets faster, and wraps up at marathon, threshold, or even interval pace. This kind of acceleration offers your body an opportunity to warm up, helps develop your sense of pacing, and trains you to hold onto your speed–even when you’re slightly tired.

progression treadmillThe difference in speed is larger in the beginning than the end because I wanted to use the early mileage to warm up.  My comfortable pace on a treadmill is 6.5 mph, or a 9:14 mile.  You can choose to follow this workout or start at a speed that is 1.0 slower than your comfortable running pace, then increase as the workout suggests.  The main point is to continually increase your speed as you go until you finish.  This 5 mile workout took me 46:45 and I didn’t include a cool down because a) studies have shown that a cool down is not imperative and b) my walk back to my condo helps bring my heart rate down.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday and be sure to check out Sara’s blog for Tried It Tuesday!


  • What’s your feedback on a recurring treadmill series?
  • Do you do different types of runs?
  • What are you having for lunch?

3 comments on “Treadmill Tuesday: 5 Mile Progression Run

  1. Nowadays I feel like the only way I’ll ever be able to do a treadmill run is if A) the gym I’m running at has cable (because I don’t have it so I know if I got to watch my beloved Real Housewives of Beverly Hills I would be able to run for a long time haha) or B) I did a progression run like this. It would help make the time on the dreadmill go so much faster 😉
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…Sick Days, Dad Dates, and FarmhouseMy Profile

    1. It did definitely go faster. I like being able to break down the mileage into smaller bits. I wish Real Housewives has been on instead of the Kardashians!

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