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25 Blog Posts and Prompts to Save You Time

Confession: I spend WAY too much time on the internet.  In trying to put more effort into this blog, I am constantly asking Google questions about anything and everything blog-related. You know what I have discovered by diving into all of the corners of the internet in search of knowledge? I love it.

More specifically, I love reading about the business of blogging. Everything from content marketing to advertising to even the accounting of blogging (yes, it’s a thing). This is something that is completely unlike me because I have a strong aversion to anything business-related, but maybe it means that my decision to work on growing this blog is the right one for me. Since I spend so much time researching these topics and I know not everyone has that luxury, I plan to pop in here and there to share any tips or tricks that I learn along the way.

I want to start by offering you a list of 25 blog posts and prompts to save you time when trying to come up with ideas.  No matter what your blogging niche is, you can use these prompts to develop great content for your readers.

25 Blog Post Ideas (1)

  1.  Story behind your blog – How did you start blogging? What inspired you and why do you continue? You can even think about breaking it up into multiple posts and linking back to the earlier ones as you continue.
  2. Something you know well – Are you a personal trainer? Registered dietitian? Nuclear physicist? Pick a topic that you know well and write about it. People tend to trust and respect something written from personal experience or in your career field.
  3. Response to comments – Many times ideas for posts are hiding in your comment section. Readers will often ask you follow up questions to your post which indicates that they want more information on the subject. Turn those questions into future posts.
  4. Guest posts – Invite other bloggers to post on your site. Make sure to choose ones who share a similar philosophy with you so that the topic they choose will be on par with your normal categories.
  5. Controversy point – Write a post about a controversial topic related to your field. If you read food blogs, you may have seen some RD’s posting about their opinions on the “Kids Eat Right” campaign featuring Kraft singles. Their petition was so successful that it led to the termination of the contract between the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Kraft.
  6. What I learned from… – This can be a positive “what I learned from” or what you learned from a negative situation. Either way, people are able to read your experience and may be able to make more informed choices if they are following a similar path.
  7. # Posts and Lists – Numbered posts are always a hit. Think “10 Ways to Enjoy Working Out” or “5 Reasons to Run With a Partner.” Think about what your audience would like to know and give it to them in a convenient list.
  8. Passing along knowledge – Something similar to this post (which is also a combination of #7). Compile and explain some of the best resources for certain topics, such as “the best sites for finding freelance opportunities” or “the best resources for making graphics.
  9. Link round up – Many sites do this on a weekly basis. It is a round up of some of their favorite links from the week all in one place. People will come to your site because you have already done the work for them!
  10. Recaps – Write a recap of something you have attended recently. Be it a race, restaurant, or convention, the possibilities are endless!
  11. Personal story – Readers like to connect with you. By offering them a personal story of an achievement, struggle, or just a look into your life, they will feel that connection and be more likely to return. Last year I wrote about my sister’s dog and while it was helpful for me, a lot of people were also able to empathize and connect. It goes both ways!
  12. Reviews – Write a post reviewing something. Same as with #10, the possibilities are endless!
  13. How to deal with… – I write a lot of posts on how to deal with struggles that I am having. It helps me work through them and I have found that a lot of people can relate. This starts a conversation and I can find suggestions that I may not have thought of myself.
  14. Favorites – These are always good posts around the holidays as you start seeing more posts about “favorite holiday gifts for…” Make a list of some of your favorite things that you use on a regular basis and let your readers know about them!  This can be done on a weekly basis, randomly, or during certain times of the year.
  15. Day in the life – Post about a day in your life. There tend to be a lot of weekend recaps, but sometimes it is fun to read about what a normal day looks like for someone.
  16. Giveaway – Host a giveaway of a product on your site.
  17. How-to – Let your readers know how to do something. Depending on your niche, this could be how to cook something, how to get fitted for running shoes, or how to think outside the box.
  18. Things NOT to do – Instead of telling people how to do something, let them know what they should NOT be doing. It gives a different spin to a common topic. Think “things not to do when training for a race.”
  19. Monthly round up – Compile your best posts of the month and share them.
  20. Linkups – One of the great ways to learn about other blogs and bloggers is to host a linkup. Some popular ones are What I Ate Wednesday or Thinking Out Loud.  Pick a topic, spread the word, and have other blogs link up on your site. Not only will you get more exposure to things people are writing about, it’s also great for traffic!
  21. Interview – Interview someone related to your niche and share that interview with your readers.
  22. Flashback – If you’ve been blogging for awhile, it might be fun to write a post sharing some of your blogging history (e.g., first posts, old photos). For instance, I started this blog on Blogger and it looked a little something like this.  As well as rounding up some old posts, if you have changed layouts over time you can check the Internet Wayback Machine to grab some old screenshots to share.
  23. Best/worst advice (or your own) – Think about some of the best or worst advice you have gotten and write about it. Also think about writing your own advice on a topic.
  24. Inspirations – Who or what inspires you? Write about it!
  25. Future plans – Write about where you see your life, blog, career, etc. going. These can be fun to look back on and also can serve as good accountability tools going forward.  I have written a lot of these since moving to Chicago and after realizing I want more for myself.


  • How do you come up with post topics?
  • What are some other ideas you have?
  • What other blogging-related posts would you like to see here?

18 comments on “25 Blog Posts and Prompts to Save You Time

  1. Great list, Erin! One of the things I hate dealing with most is writer’s block, and that always seems to hit at the most inopportune times. I find that walking away from the computer helps the most when that happens, because sometimes I spend so much time sitting in front of a screen that I start resenting it and lose my inspiration.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #126 .My Profile

    1. Yeah I totally agree. I found that I kept following linkups and things almost the entire week and it felt too monotonous for me so I tried to break it up some. It’s weird bc I love routine, but the routine in my posting habits started to bother me. Who knows.

    1. Yeah the longer ones for me take a lot of time and planning and when I am short on time the posts tend to be shorter too. Plus it’s always good to have a quick prompt to get them started!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I stumbled across your blog today after seeing a post on HuffPo. I just published my first blog post today so this is timely advice for me! These prompts will be helpful as I plan future posts and find my voice. Enjoy the day!

    1. Awesome Keli! I hope they are of use to you. Good luck blogging and I hope you enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚

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