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Malibu Part Two

I’m back! I disappeared for a few days amidst a whirl of Balderdash, dancing to Taylor Swift and 90s rap music, and a late night birthday dinner at Nobu.

I have a lot of photos for you, so I’ll keep my witty quips to a minimum.

Miss Part One? Find it here.

Here’s a sunset.

Malibu sunset

Sunday we went to the Malibu Farmer’s Market. Even though it was cloudy and a little cold, there was magical food to be found, which you know is what I’m most concerned about.


I needed my fill of cream cheese icing, so I got these mini bundt cakes. That chocolate one had cappuccino cream cheese icing. OMG.

malibu farmers market

Salsas galore.


Flowers. Always flowers.


I grabbed another smoothie bowl at Sunlife Organics. This time I got the pitaya bowl. Their granola is on point.

sunlife organics pitaya bowl

Neil tried to steal my breakfast croissant which is not allowed.

 croissant malibu

They had Greek yogurt made with water buffalo milk and different fruits in the bottom. This one with pear was great and I ate it even though my stomach wasn’t too pleased with me afterwards. Sometimes you just need some dairy in your life.

greek yogurt

Fresh coconut water.

coconut water

Random beach picture so you know what I look like when I wake up. All Sweat gear all day. SO soft.


That evening we had an epic Italian dinner.


Monday we walked 2 miles to a restaurant on the beach for lunch. Since we walked along the beach, we were able to get a close up view of GIGANTIC beach compounds. I wanted to run up all the stairs but no one let me.




Fried calamari in a giant martini glass on top of fries. Because why not?


On our way back we came across a baby sea lion. It the most adorable thing I have ever seen. I wanted to hug it but the adults wouldn’t let me yet again.

malibu sea lion

Monday night I decided to be a girl and dress up for our dinner at Nobu. It was Neil’s brother’s birthday and our last night on the beach, so we did it up right.


The last time we went to Nobu we saw Hillary Swank and this time Robin Thicke was there. I thought about joining his table, but again I was talked out of it by my superiors.

nobu malibu

We decided on the table tasting menu which means we let the chef know likes, dislikes, allergies, etc. and he prepares our entire menu for us. Here is Neil’s cousin Monika because she whined that she wasn’t in Part One.


Family shot.


Tuesday was our last day, which of course meant that the sun would come out in full force and be a beautiful day as we had to leave. I didn’t mind it so much since it’s not like I could have gotten much redder during the other days we were there.


We left Malibu and I dropped Neil off at the house in Santa Monica so I could head out to Hollywood. I wound up at The Grove for a very important meeting.


Arman and I had lunch! If you don’t know Arman, you must go here and make all of his amazing recipes. Also, he just got a book deal which is AMAZING. P.P.S. He loaded me up with granola which I have put a significant dent in. Also amazing.


After an incredible turkey sandwich and even better conversation, I headed back to the house. We dove into our tradition of customized grilled pizzas using dough from TJs.




Tuesday night we played Beyond Balderdash with the family and I’m going to buy it immediately. It was the best game EVER.

We flew out in the afternoon and got home last night. I wrote up some workouts for clients and tried to go to sleep early despite the time adjustment since I’m up this morning at 4:15 am to start teaching classes. Why I did this to myself I have no idea. You can find me napping later today.

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday and I’ll see you guys tomorrow!


  • What have you been doing the last two days?
  • Where’s your favorite place to vacation?

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    1. We played Beyond Balderdash which has different categories than just words. It was so funny to see what people came up with!

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