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How To Get Out of a Fitness Lull

I feel like I’m pretty fortunate in that I actually enjoy working out. It’s something I look forward to and it’s something I miss when I can’t do it for an extended period of time.

That being said, I definitely don’t feel like it ALL the time. In fact, having fitness be my main source of income means that it is on my mind day in and day out. Some days or weeks I feel like I’m just doing it out of habit and I’m not particularly enthused about any one workout. I’m a morning person when it comes to exercise, so getting up to fit a workout in before clients when it’s still dark can be grueling if I’m just not feeling it.

When I start noticing that I’m not getting the same positive feelings from my workouts, there are a couple things I do to try and turn it around.

Some days you can't wait to work out and other days you're dragging yourself to the gym (or not going at all). Here are some tips on how to get out of a fitness lull that will have you back to sweating in no time!

1. Mix up workouts

I find (for me) that the one surefire way to get me to do a workout is to go to a class. I also prefer them to programming my own workouts because honestly I’m doing that all week long for other people and I just want to give my mind a break. I love being able to show up, do what I’m told, and leave feeling better than when I came in.

Too much of the same thing, however, can leave me burnt out. This is one of the reasons I started doing Crossfit at least once a week. It’s a tough workout, but incorporates moves that I don’t do anywhere else. I get excited to go because I know it’s going to challenge me and I’m going to have to push myself harder than I may have to in another format.

Try doing a workout you don’t normally do and see if that helps get you excited to move.

If you’re not a class person and more of a runner or yogi, try running a different route or practicing in a different place than you normally do.

2. Mix up times

This strategy doesn’t always work for me since I’m such a creature of habit, but if you’re feeling blah about your workouts, try doing them at a different time of day. If you’re normally a morning exerciser, try a class after work and vice versa. The change of pace might shake things up a bit and you might actually find that you prefer working out at a different time than you’re used to.

3. Change music

As silly as it seems, one thing that gets me excited to work out is a new playlist. There’s something about putting together the perfect collection of beats that makes me want to go and sweat it out.

4. Go with friends

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, a bunch of us have started an email thread where we share our weekly workout plan and meet up with each other when we can. It’s gotten me to work out on Saturdays which I normally don’t ever do and it’s fun to meet up with people you know you get along with.

The biggest part of it is accountability, so if you’re having trouble making yourself go to a workout, try making a date with a friend (or five). ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Take a break

Although this might sound counterintuitive, sometimes taking a break is what we need to reignite our passion — not just in exercise, but anything we may be feeling overwhelmed and bored by. When I wasn’t able to work out for a month I realized what I was missing and couldn’t wait to get back into it once my back was better. Even taking off the week during the holidays made me excited to get back into the swing of things.

If you’re feeling burnt out, take a step back rather than trying to force yourself to do ALL THE THINGS. It takes different amounts of time for different people, but soon you should start feeling the urge to get back to moving.


  • Do you like working out?
  • What other things do you do to get yourself excited about exercise?

17 comments on “How To Get Out of a Fitness Lull

    1. Yeah building those habits can be frustrating. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of things to help people!

    1. Anytime! The annoying thing about crossfit is that you have to take an intro bunch of classes so that you learn proper form and everything but it’s so worth it!

  1. I so agree with all of these; one of the things that has really helped is changing up the workouts. I’m so thankful that God has mercifully blessed us with the gift of You Tube and different workouts on there PLUS amazing friends like yourself Erin, who share workouts or workout tips or different places to find workouts.
    Emily recently posted…Caramelized Raspberry Banana Chocolate French ToastMy Profile

  2. personally, all my workouts are done on my own every day, so sometimes i have absolutely NO motivation to work out. i can’t do classes (i hate when people tell me what to do haha), but i actually don’t mind hot yoga. you have inspired me to go get a 10 time pass for those days i don’t feel like motivating myself ๐Ÿ™‚
    Beverley @ Born to Sweat recently posted…The Only Supplement Iโ€™ll TakeMy Profile

    1. Do it. I did Bikram yoga for a month only bc I was so sweaty afterwards that I felt like I had actually done something. Really I had just sweated out all my liquid haha

  3. I go through spurts when I don;t feel like working out at all too. I usually find when I feel that way I just am feeling burnt out all around. I will take a dew days off or even a week or two off except for stretching and it always sets me up to start new!
    I also have to mix up t he type of workouts I’m doing otherwise I get bored and burn out faster.
    Heather @ Polyglot Jot recently posted…Sharing the NewsMy Profile

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