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A Self-Care Gift Guide

I’m bringing you a self-care gift guide featuring some of my favorite products this week. From candles to chocolates, there’s a self-care option for everyone!

A self-care gift guide for anyone who needs to take care of themselves and offer thoughtful gifts to others in their lives!

This post contains some affiliate links

1. Honey Mama’s Chocolate

Honey Mama’s is by far my favorite chocolate. I first had it when I was in LA, then went home and immediately bought more online. They are made using only five whole food, nutrient-rich ingredients: raw honey, cacao powder, coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt, and either sprouted almonds or shredded coconut. The consistency is unlike any other chocolate I’ve tried and I simply love it.

They are based out of Portland, so unless you live on the West Coast they can be hard to find and require ordering online. If you’re in the Chicago, there is one store — Plenty Grocery and Deli — that sells it. Either way, I highly recommend trying it.

It’s short notice, but the code GINGER9 gets you 10% off until November 30th.

Self-care tip: enjoy chocolate. Enjoy sweets. Let yourself enjoy the little things that bring you happiness.

2. Back to the Roots

I really like plants, but for some reason I haven’t gotten any for our condo. I recently thought about getting some hanging plants, but then got overwhelmed thinking about hanging them. Floor plants are a good choice too, but I’m going to wait until Donut is a little older and doesn’t want to destroy them.

To add some green in a practical way, I love Back to the Roots Garden in a Can. There are four herbs you can grow right from the can they come in — cilantro, basil, dill, and mint. Since I first discovered them a few years ago, they’ve also added other great products like the mushroom farm I just tried out (it’s awesome), self-watering tomato plant, and a very cool water garden that grows plants above a fish tank. You can see all the products on their site and by using the code ERIN10 you can get 10% off any indoor gardening kit (expires 12/31/17).

Self-care tip: growing your own herbs and produce is a fun way to supply healthy, organic foods right in your own home. Take care of your health by knowing what you eat (plus it’s fun!).

3. Frostbeard Studios Candles

There’s something about relaxing at home and lighting a favorite candle. It may be the reason why I own so many and may have to start a separate closet for them (ha).

Frostbeard Studios make some of my favorite candles because they have such unique scents. I first bought some when I heard that they have book-specific scents. Not only does this mean they make scents associated with certain books like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, but they make candles that smell like books themselves. You’re sure to find a unique scent for yourself or a book-loving friend.

Self-care tip: light a candle while practicing another form of self-care — taking a bath, reading, or listening to music.

4. Books

Books are a really important form of self-care for me. Reading them means I have to set time aside in my day to stop working, stop checking my phone, and just sit.

Two years ago I compiled a guide with many of my favorite personal development books. If you’re looking for some that I highly recommend, you can find that post here. If you’re interested in writing like I am, here is a post of books you should read if you want to write.

Self-care tip: set time aside to read whatever it is you find soul-filling and enriching.

5. Molecule 01

I’m really not a huge perfume person, but when I was introduced to Molecule 01 earlier this year, I bought it the next day. The story behind this perfume is also really interesting in that it smells different on each person who wears it. You can read more about it here.

If you’re looking to buy a scent for someone but aren’t sure what will work, this a great choice because it’s unique to each person who wears it!

Self-care tip: Find a scent that makes you feel good, whether it’s perfume, essential oils, or any other type of fragrance.

6. Sips By 

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I talk about Sips By at least once a month. It is the one subscription box that I’ve found useful and has introduced me to more teas than I thought existed. Monthly, you receive four different teas with a detailed printout telling you the brand, how much to steep, how long, what temp, how many times it can be re-steeped, the caffeine level, and what flavor notes can be found. If you enjoy the samples you receive, there is also a discount code for ordering a full size version from the manufacturer.

I was skeptical at first because I’m super picky about my teas and only like dark, black teas for the most part. When signing up, you take a survey that allows you to specify which teas you do and do not like and since doing that I have been happy with every box I’ve received.

If you’re someone who likes tea or know a tea-lover, you can use the code FORERIN to get 50% off your first box.

They are also working on growing their business and recently listed on Indigogo. If you’re interested in backing Sips By, you can see that page here.

Self-care tip: brew a hot cup of tea and relax with a good book and some cozy sweats.

7. Scratch Goods

Scratch Goods is a local Chicago business that offers natural, food-grade skincare products. If you’re local, then they also offer yoga classes and their famous mask bars (seriously so much fun), but if you’re not, you can still order products from their online store.

I have tried almost every product and really like the quality. My favorites are their scrubs and masks, but pretty much anything you get will be worth it. If you’re someone who likes coffee (or even just the smell of coffee), my favorite product is the Dark Matter Coffee Scrub made with the grounds of Dark Matter coffee — another local Chicago company. It’s gentle enough to use every day and I love the way the smell wakes me up in the morning.

Self-care tip: enjoy a weekly mask or other addition to your face and skin care routine.

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