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5 Things I’ve Learned From The Dog Park

This is a sponsored post on behalf of UNTAMED™ by 4health®

Here we are, back again with another post about my dog. I’m just pretty happy that I stretched it two months before there was another one.

Donut is a pretty active dog. She’s part cattle dog, which means that she needs a job to do or she will get antsy and likely try to eat everything in our condo. Because of this, we have been taking her to the dog park or sending her to daycare pretty regularly so that she can play with other dogs and get out as much energy as possible.

Since the park is closer, we typically take her there a couple days a week, but on the weekends we try and take a trip to the dog beach which is a little further north. It’s a large, fenced-in stretch of beach where dogs are allowed off-leash and free to play to their heart’s content.

Watching Donut play is one of my absolute favorite things and since sitting there offers me a lot of time to ponder life, I’ve come up with some things I’ve learned from the dog park to share with you.

Try new things

The first time we took Donut to the beach, she didn’t know what was happening. She had never seen sand or water of that size and she approached it tentatively after we removed her leash. In a matter of minutes, she took off running across the beach without a care in the world. She played in some puddles, but stayed away from the lake waters.

The second time I took her, she watched other dogs jump into the water to retrieve balls and other toys. She approached the lake, waded in, and again, within minutes, was jumping through the water in pursuit of another dog’s ball.

She has no fear about trying new things (unless it’s walking over grates). She evaluates the situation and then dives right in — something that I wish I could do more easily. If it wasn’t for her taking that first jump, she wouldn’t have realized how much she loves the water. The next time you’re scared about trying something new, take that jump.

Don’t worry about anyone else

Donut loves to play with other dogs, but she also loves to do her own thing. When she gets tired of playing, she likes to walk the perimeter of the beach and smell everything she can find (that’s the hound in her).

She doesn’t care about looking stupid or that she’s making the wrong decision. She doesn’t follow around other dogs because she thinks they’re cool. She simply listens to what she wants to do and does it.

Fuel your body appropriately

In order to be able to run nonstop for hours and swim longer than I would ever care to, she needs to be properly fed and nourished. We have been feeding her Untamed by 4health because it is designed to optimize her performance through the use of real meat and whole vegetables. There is no corn, soy, or wheat and it is full of omega fatty acids and antioxidants.

Just like in our food, the first ingredient is usually the most prevalent, so I like that real meat is the largest part of what I’m feeding her on a daily basis. Where most dog foods contain meats like chicken, beef, lamb, or turkey, the Untamed line offers “novel proteins,” which simply mean “new proteins.” We are feeding Donut the Buffalo & Lentil flavor, meaning that buffalo meat is the main protein. It has been shown that sustained exposure to the same type of protein over a long period of time can potentially lead to food sensitivities, so it can be good to mix up the types of proteins that your dog ingests.

Because I am such an active person, I need to make sure that I eat appropriately. Sure, I make plenty of time for desserts and things that may not be construed as “healthy,” but I make sure to minimize my consumption of over-processed food and focus on real meats, fruits, and veggies. I’m definitely able to tell how I’ve eaten when it comes to my performance working out. If I want to do my best, I need to eat for it.

Life is better with friends

As much as I like to think that I’m the best dog companion, she is clearly far more excited when we go to the park than she is sitting with me on the couch. There is so much happiness in her when she is able to run and play with other dogs that it’s a good reminder to have other people in your life.

I work out at 6:15 am. I do it because a) I’m a morning workout person and b) I know that my friends will be there. I feel like my excitement for exercising with my friends is akin to her excitement to play with hers. Always remember to make time for others in your life.

Rest when you need it

Something I have to continually work on is slowing down. I’m better at resting my body if it feels beat up or run down, but I’m still working on that mental balance in my work life.

When Donut is tired, she will lie down wherever she is. If she needs a break from playing, she will rest up until she’s ready to go again. It’s an important reminder to listen to how you’re feeling and sometimes just slow down.

Do you have a dog? I’d love to know if you’ve thought of anything similar while watching them play!

6 comments on “5 Things I’ve Learned From The Dog Park

  1. We just took Henry to the dog beach for the first time two weeks ago! He loved it and Ive never seen him so tired. I can say, the one thing I can say we have done right with Henry is taking him to the park often. I’m never nervous about taking him to meeting other dogs now. He did however escape under the gate on the right side of the fence by the water at dog beach last week – he ran and then stopped and looked back at us (I imagine he was contemplating his life choices) and just sat down until we came over to him. Hahah. Dogs are so entertaining!
    👋🏼 To Donut from Henry!

    1. Omg I know where you’re talking about. Donut would totally run away from us I love that Henry just sat down 😂😂 I love that beach and I’m so glad we have it nearby!

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