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Navigating Wellness is LIVE!

Hey friends!

Bonus Thursday post coming at you to let you know that the e-book I’ve been working on — Navigating Wellness: Exploring the Space in a Healthy Way — is live and available for purchase today for $9.99!

Based on your feedback, I created this book to help guide you through the saturated and cluttered wellness world. Here were your main complaints:

  • Wellness on a budget
  • Too much conflicting advice – how to know whats worth listening to
  • Needs to be inclusive – not all skinny white women
  • No credentials from people
  • All or none mentality

This book tackles all of them and more. You will learn the skills you need to be able to consume information analytically, meaning that the guesswork concerning who and what to listen to is gone. I share ways to help make things more affordable because we all don’t have a million dollars to spend on products. Finally, there’s a discussion on diversity and a bonus of 20+ body-positive, welcoming individuals who you need to add into your rotation.

Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback and voiced their frustration with what’s happening in the wellness world. This book is for you and for everyone who didn’t even realize they need it. 🙂

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