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2015 Fitness Holiday Gift Guide

Back again today with another gift guide!

This time I wanted to share with you some of my favorites throughout my time as a fitness participant and also things I’ve found helpful as a trainer and as an instructor. This list could go on and on, but I know you don’t have forever to read through every possible gift, so I limited it to my top nine.

No matter where someone is on their fitness journey, there’s a gift for everyone in this list.

Looking for gifts for the fitness enthusiast in your life? Check out some of my favorites in my fitness holiday gift guide!

2015 Fitness Holiday Gift Guide

*There are some affiliate links in this post. Purchasing a product through these links results in no cost difference to you, but I will receive a small commission which is then put back into Erin’s Inside Job for more wonderful posts and tips for you!

1. Balega Socks

When I first started running, I began to develop horrible blisters that made it painful and difficult to have a consistent schedule. I tried everything from orthotics to Vaseline to finally getting properly fitted for running shoes (a MUST). One of the things that helped me out tremendously were running socks from Balega. They have moisture management, cushioning, heel grips, and other magic that has made them the only socks I continue to buy.

2. Nike Free Flyknit 4.0

These are also on my Christmas list this year. Nike has really stepped up their game in the past few years. I remember not really considering them a reputable choice for athletic footwear back in high school and stuck to other brands such as Brooks and Asics when I dove head first into running. Since I am doing less long distance running and more strength and high-intensity work, I decided to give Nike another shot. They have a huge fitness presence here in Chicago and these shoes are amazing and lightweight. I can’t wait to slip on a pair (or three).

3. Gift Cards

If you have someone on your list who likes high quality fitness apparel but cries a little whenever he or she reads the price tag, gift cards are an awesome option. I’ve also requested these from everyone I know so that I feel a little better about spending so much money on stretchy pants.

In addition to apparel stores, you can also purchase gift cards to their favorite studios or post-workout food stops to help encourage them to maintain that active lifestyle.

4. Fitness Trackers

There are a multitude of fitness trackers available on the market and each one has its benefits. Depending on which tracker you choose, you can track sleep, steps, water intake, calories in and out, and even inclusion in an online community of other people working towards the same goals. For someone who is just starting on their fitness journey to those who have been making healthy changes but need a little encouragement, check out trackers from Fitbit, Jawbone, and other great companies.

Make sure that you know whether or not a fitness tracker is something that your recipient will enjoy. I used one for a number of months before I realized that it didn’t really fit into my lifestyle and my goals.

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5. GPS Watch

Along with the numerous fitness trackers available, GPS watches are also everywhere you turn. You can go with the most basic variety which will offer you your distance and pace, or you can spend more and get advanced features like heart rate monitoring, personal records, online training plans, stride length, lactate threshold, etc. I have a basic Garmin Forerunner 10 which provides me with pace, distance, and record keeping and it’s been a great investment in tracking my running over the years.

6. Momentum Jewelry

I first found these when I attended Blogfest this year and I immediately bought one. I’m a sucker for cute things with motivational sayings on them because I feel like I always need that reminder to be brave, push harder, and just get out there and get things done. Momentum has a number of different sayings and designs, including shoe tags if you need that little extra boost but don’t want to commit to any jewelry. They are super light, easy to rinse out, and stay put during any kind of workout.

7. Dry Shampoo

I don’t know about anyone else, but there are days when I don’t have time to shower 216577 times a day. Between teaching and working out myself, I sometimes only have time for a quick rinse before heading out again. This is where dry shampoo comes to my rescue. I currently have Detox by Drybar, but there are a number of great varieties at every price point. I find that Detox works really well, but it does have a strong scent which some people may not enjoy if they’re sensitive to fragrance.

8. Foam Roller

I love my foam roller, but I also hate my foam roller. I know it’s a necessity to help work out those tight muscles and knots, but I’m also lazy and discomfort-averse, so I know I don’t use it as much as I should. Again, along with these other options, there are a number of different foam roller varieties. Some are smooth and some have raised parts to really get into those problem areas. Whichever kind you decide to purchase, make sure it is high density. The first one I bought wasn’t and within a month all of the pressure I had put on it caused it to warp and I was pushing it more than it pushed me.

9. PRO Compression Socks

Even though I haven’t been running as much lately, I still choose to wear compression socks after a particularly hard HIIT or leg workout. Compression socks help to circulate the blood in the legs which decreases recovery time and helps eliminate soreness and lactic acid buildup. I have gone for long runs both with and without compression socks and my legs definitely feel worse the day after when I don’t wear them. I’ve run every race in them and love them!

Bonus: If you sign up for their email list there are frequent coupon codes for 40% of merchandise!


  • What fitness gifts are on your list this year?
  • What is one piece of fitness equipment that is the most important to you?

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  1. This is the first time I’ve read of Balega socks. I too often develop blisters from running. Really annoying as it sets me back from my cardio. Maybe I should give this a try?

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