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5 Things I Won’t Do For Fitness

As you may be able to gather from my current career, I’m a big fan of fitness. I love to try new workouts, reach new goals, and the way I feel after a good sweat session. Since exercise has been a big part of my life for many years now (both good and bad), I’ve come to realize what I like and what I don’t like in the fitness space.

While you may have goals in your current fitness plan, not everyone has the same ones. Here are 5 things I won’t do for fitness.

While everyone may have fitness goals, remember that not everyone has the SAME fitness goals. Here are 5 things I won't do for fitness.

1. Run a marathon

Even in my super passionate, “I LOVE RUNNING ALL DAY EVERY DAY,” period, I still had no desire to run a marathon. Last year I ran three half marathons, which was GREAT, but getting to the end of that distance and realizing that it would only be the halfway point in a full marathon was terrifying. Without a doubt, it was always the first thought that would run through my head as I crossed the finish line.

So many props to those of you who run them, but it’s just not a personal goal of mine.

2. Do a fitness competition

Fitness competitions take so much dedication. What I find appealing about them is that you set a goal and you do everything in your power to reach it. When there’s a fitness-related goal, I’m always drawn to it in one way or another.

The problem for me is that they come with a lot of control. There’s control over the workout routine, control over every thing you put in your mouth, controlling your liquid consumption, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love control — but a little too much. It’s been a source of so many detrimental behaviors in my past that when I weigh the pros and cons of something like a fitness competition, my brain immediately starts screaming that I need to run away as fast as I can (but not marathon distance).

It’s a slippery slope for me given my past issues with exercise and eating that it’s not really something I ever consider doing.

3. Put my health in jeopardy

Things like exercising when I’m sick or pushing myself to the point of injury is no longer something I aspire to do. In the past, I would wear it as some kind of badge of honor that I pulled my coughing and sneezing butt out of bed and made myself work out. Then I would inevitably wind up sicker for even longer. My early running issues also led me to a stress fracture that took me out for about two weeks.

I’ve come to expect that there will probably be injuries along the way. With the types of workouts I do and the fact that it’s a part of my regular routine, statistically some are bound to happen. My back injury in June, for example, was the culmination of some postural issues and stress over time. There’s a difference, however, between those injuries that are preventable and those that are freak occurrences. Overtraining injuries are entirely preventable and I try my best to listen to my body and rest when I need to.

4. Do a workout I don’t like

Sure, I’m all for trying new things and mixing it up, but if I try a workout and I don’t like it or feel like it’s not something that I would incorporate into my regular training, I’m probably not going to do it again. The key to being able to maintain an exercise routine is to find something that you enjoy doing, otherwise you’re going to start dreading and hating it and generalize that to all exercise period.

Some workouts work for some and not others. Barre classes, for example, are just not my jam. And yoga. DEAR GOD not yoga. I know it’s great and awesome and I have nothing against it objectively, but it’s something I’ve tried to maintain and I just can’t do it.

5. Do it for someone else

I’m also guilty of this one. In the past, I would exercise in order to look a certain way so that I could be perceived as what I thought was attractive. I always enjoyed exercise, but my motivation was for extrinsic rewards and for that reason it quickly became disordered. I tried over and over again to reach an ideal that my body simply wasn’t built for, meaning that no matter how hard I worked, I’d never reach.

What changed for me in terms of exercise is that I started doing it for myself. I thought about how it made ME feel, what MY fitness goals were, and suddenly the pressure (entirely my creation) was off. This enabled me to hear my body when it was tired or it felt off and I could take the proper rest that I needed. I was able to feel proud of myself and my accomplishments because I knew that I was doing it for me.


  • What are some things you won’t do for fitness?
  • Have you run a marathon? NICE JOB (hand clapping emoji)

29 comments on “5 Things I Won’t Do For Fitness

  1. Yessss
    I often say to friends and family members: fitness is not my passion.
    And it most definitely is not. It helps me lead the life I want to live. It helps me get my luggage in the overhead bin 🙂
    But marathon competing all of that stuff – – I save for my passion.
    Carla recently posted…The space between effort and ease.My Profile

    1. Totally. I like the workouts and how I feel after but i usually marvel more at everything ELSE it allows me to do. Just normal everyday things!

  2. Totally with you on not risking your health for a workout. I feel that way about workouts where the instructors don’t know how to teach proper alignment, etc. (And I know you feel that way, too!) First and foremost, a workout should be safe. And I don’t think I’ll be running any marathons any time soon, either. It takes so much out of you!
    Beth @ Sublimely Fit recently posted…Friday Favorites #80My Profile

    1. I definitely didn’t used to. Once fitness became more for myself I had an easier time w it for sure

  3. I said I would never run a marathon and then something changed I ran one in May and will run a second marathon this October! So I have learned to never say never. But I will never sacrifice my health for the sake of a workout and personally feel trying to do a fitness competition would lead me down a very unhealthy path. I don’t think I could deal with the restrictive eating and lack of carbs!
    Danielle @ Wild Coast Tales recently posted…7 days on Prince Edward Island: best beaches, running and walking routes (in photos)My Profile

  4. I love this, Erin. Being honest with oneself and drawing a line when it comes to fitness is super-important IMHO. While I have contemplated a marathon, I am nowhere there in my (physical and mental) training, so I will relish the fact that I did a half for a while (and maybe add a few more halfs first).

    I also think there is no gain in pushing yourself to workout when you’re sick or when your body really needs a break. It’s counterproductive and I won’t do it. Rest is just as important as working out when it comes down to it.
    San recently posted…13.1 lessons I learned from training for and running a half marathonMy Profile

    1. Totally agree. Yeah, my half decision was perfect for me bc it was challenging without going overboard.

  5. Yeah!!!

    Re: marathon training. Something in your mind changes and 13 miles becomes “only 13 miles”. SERIOUSLY. I definitely wouldn’t do a fitness competition (too many rules and it seems to be based on looks). Essentially, I don’t like any extreme. I like a variety of activity in my life and it changes depending on the day/week/month.
    Jo @ Living Mint Green recently posted…What I Ate WednesdayMy Profile

    1. Yeah I guess when I was training for those I was like meh it’s only 13. But my brain still can’t conceptualize 26!

  6. I could never run a marathon either, or do a fitness competition. I definitely draw the line there! I think if I ran a marathon my body would break in half… lol

  7. Yes to all of these…except #1. I doubt I’ll ever *actually* run a marathon (I haven’t even done a half yet) but I keep saying that one day I’ll do it. Mostly I think that is because I was all hyped up on watching the Olympic marathons. Or maybe I have some FOMO when it comes to running. Probably will never happen…

    The great thing about fitness is it’s NOT ONE SIZE. Find what YOU enjoy and what makes you FEEL good and DO IT.

    P.S. I am glad to see that you didn’t rule out gymnastics competitions, haha. 😉
    Catherine @ A Cup of Catherine recently posted…Let’s Talk About the B-Word(s)My Profile

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