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How To Eat Conveniently

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Farmer’s Fridge.

Some tips on how to eat conveniently and healthy while on the go, pressed for time, or just for a more streamlined routine.

I am the queen of convenience, especially when it comes to food.

I LOVE taking pictures of it, but could never, in my life, be a recipe-developing food blogger.

Most of my meals take less than 20 minutes to make. For a while it even killed me to bake chicken because I felt like it took too long. The only time I spend more than that is when I make an epic cheesecake or some other baking masterpiece, because that I actually enjoy.

For anyone else who wants to enjoy good meals in less time, here are some of my tips on how to eat conveniently.

Buy Smart and Accessible Food

If your job is anything like mine, we are always running around the city from meeting to meeting. I’ve learned to have a lot of foresight to plan out what and where I’m going to eat for lunch. When I’m on the go and in need of a fresh, wholesome option, I make it a point to stop by Farmer’s Fridge. If you don’t know them, Farmer’s Fridge offers accessible, affordable and delicious meals, 24/7, via state-of-the-art automated Fridges.

When I first discovered Farmer’s Fridge about two and a half years ago (you can read about it here), I was immediately impressed with the concept. Since then, they’ve expanded substantially and have over 90 Fridges around the city and recently expanded to Milwaukee, too. Everything you find in the Fridge is made daily, by hand, with carefully vetted ingredients and organic and local products, as available.

If salads aren’t your go-to, Farmer’s Fridge also offers awesome options like almond butter oatmeal and soba noodles. You can check the website for every option and to find where a Fridge is located near you. Whatever you choose is sure to make your working lunch a happy one.

Make in bulk

If you can’t get out during lunch, packing ahead of time can be a helpful tip for on the go. One of the simple things I have been loving lately is sweet potato noodles. I use a spiralizer (I have this one) to turn one sweet potato into 2-3 servings of noodles in roughly 5 minutes. Whatever I don’t use I store in individual containers in the fridge to grab and use for meals in the next couple days. (P.S. Farmer’s Fridge reusable jars are great to re-use for your own meal prep, too!)

Think about what meal staples you use regularly and ask yourself if you can make a larger quantity. This way you’re able to portion them out and part of your meal is already done.

Let someone else do the work

Find food sources you can trust, like Farmer’s Fridge, which properly vets each ingredient that goes into your meal. Making smart choices on the go means you can feel good, eat well and live a happier, healthier life. (Also this trail mix is so. good.)

Use the microwave

Some people aren’t big fans of the microwave, but I LOVE it. Usually any time that cooking directions give me an option to use the microwave, I take it. There’s something my brain doesn’t like about the fact that some squashes take ~ 40 minutes to roast.

If the skin isn’t edible (think spaghetti, butternut, and acorn), I pop it in the microwave for 12-15 minutes. Make sure to poke holes or make some small cuts to allow steam to escape if you’re going this route.

Eat simply

As much as I like trying new foods and searching out crazy meals, when it comes to making my own, I’m super simple. I also eat many of the same meals each day which helps take the guesswork out of what I’m going to make.

As long as I have my basic macronutrients covered — carbs, protein, and fats — I’m perfectly happy with a simple dinner of tuna fish, crackers, and a vegetable. Some of my other go-tos are scrambled eggs in ghee with turkey bacon, a big salad, or a turkey sandwich.

Meals don’t have to be elaborate to be good so think about your food groups and what you enjoy and make it easy.

To learn more about Farmer’s Fridge visit:

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  1. I used to kind of despise cooking, but now I somewhat enjoy it. With that being said, meals I make don’t take longer than 30 minutes because my attention span is SO short. But I agree with a bulk food prep. I usually do that on Sundays with veggies, rice and boiled eggs and will cook protein daily or every other day. So quick and easy! Are the containers the Farmer’s Fridge products come in glass or reusable/recyclable? That’d be an added bonus!
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