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A Look Back at 2014

Happy New Year! With 2015 now upon us, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and take a look back at 2014.  Without this blog, I’m not sure that I would have the opportunity to reflect on the whole year with any amount of clarity. My memory can sometimes get clouded or dismissive altogether, so this way I can take a more accurate view of all the madness of the year.  Feel free to tag along!

1. Honeymoon

We went on our honeymoon in January to the Maldives and Dubai.  I had always wanted to go to the Maldives after seeing it in magazines and 2014 made that possible!



IMG_11412. Site Changes

In February I migrated my site from Blogger to WordPress, then went self-hosted in July.  Yay progress!

3. Everything Almonds/Selling Almond Butter

I wrote this post about making almond milk, almond meal, and almond butter.  While I occasionally still make almond milk (the store brand in no way compares), I really enjoy making almond butter and always have some on hand.  Sharing it at work in VA led to people asking to buy some and my tiny baby butter business grew.  Now to find some takers in Chicago…

I have since refined my recipe for almond butter and no longer use the Vitamix or any oil, but you will just have to come sample some for yourself to taste the magic.


4. Speaking about Addiction

2014 allowed me to give back to society by being the keynote speaker at three forums on drug abuse.  The first two were in my hometown and brought community awareness to the matter and the third was at a civilian Army research center as part of their substance abuse training.  After taking for so long, it felt good to give back.



5. Fitbloggin

I went to my first blogging/fitness conference in Savannah, GA in June and learned so many things! I met great people and was inspired to do all sorts of fancy blog and life related things.  It was an amazing experience and I’m sad that I won’t be going this year due to a conflict of schedule.  I’m on the lookout for other conference opportunities, so feel free to offer suggestions!



20140703-103158-379182936. Recovery Retreat

I went to the annual women’s recovery retreat and got some more clarity and center back to my life.  Also got an amazing deep tissue leg massage for my pesky IT band.

7. My First Half Marathon

I ran my first half marathon in September and loved it! I chose to follow Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 program and after making a few tweaks to work with my schedule, I feel like it helped me a lot.  I also lifted my ban on running with another person and learned to love having someone else with me on those long runs.




My goal (fingers crossed for no injuries) in 2015 is to complete the Chicagoland Half Marathon Series which is a set of three halves spread throughout the year: Chicago Spring Half, Rock N’ Roll Half, and Chicago Half.  Bring it.

8. Turning 30

I turned 30 this year, which was weird to me since I don’t feel 30. What is 30 even supposed to feel like? All I know is that I got a lot of love from my family and friends and a sweet pie with basil in it.  I LOVE BASIL.


9. Expo East

I was admitted to Expo East this year as a member of the press and was able to meet fancy people and take all the foods home.  It was an amazing experience.  Check out my recap where I meet Bob from Bob’s Red Mill and Elizabeth from Purely Elizabeth Granola (the best granola ever made).

IMG_394210. Moving to Chicago

In November, Neil and I moved from VA to Chicago in lightning speed. We went from living in the suburbs to being right in the middle of a city.  I have had many great experiences already, including running tours and sampling ClassPass, and look forward to what’s coming in the future.  It has been an adjustment, but so far I’m soaking up every frigid minute of it.


Those are my top 10 moments from 2014 and I want to thank every one of you for being there with me to celebrate them.  I am so grateful to all my readers and I don’t think that Erin’s Inside Job would be the same without you.  Thank you for coming back day after day to share in my successes, listen to me ramble, or just bombard you with pictures of food and fitness. You all make this special and I’m looking forward to sharing 2015 with you!


  • What are some of your favorite moments from 2014?
  • Are you going to any fitness/blogging conventions this year?
  • Do you believe in resolutions?

12 comments on “A Look Back at 2014

    1. I wanted to go got BlogFest too but I think its during the same time as a race Im planning on running. Guess Ill see how this year shakes out!

  1. Welcome to the Chicagoland area. There are a lot of great running bloggers in and around Chicago. We are in the west burbs. I used to live in the city, and then commuted for years to the city, but now just in the burbs.

    1. It was cool to visit but really expensive and i think the 2 days we spent there were plenty. The mall was definitely worth checking out!

  2. Erin, I have loved reading your blog and watching you grow through it. I read your post from today, which linked to this one and FitBloggin! Such a great experience as that led to meeting you. Enjoy each day, you are shining brighter with them! xo Erin

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